The BEST Sugar Cookies EVER

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I signed up to bring sugar cookies for my daughter’s Harvest Party at school tomorrow, basically so I would have an excuse to make cookies for home too.  I made two dozen pumpkin shaped ones for the kindergarten party, and leaf shaped ones with the rest of the dough for us.  My other daughter was very happy to be the only one home when I made the dough because she didn’t have to share the beater.  Yes, we eat raw dough and are still alive.


I have made A LOT of sugar cookies, and it might be one of my husband’s top ten favorite things about me.  Five years ago, right before Christmas, my mixer broke.  While I was making sugar cookies, the motor started to smell like burning and refused to make another sugar cookie.

This recipe I’m sharing with you is the BEST sugar cookie recipe.  Period.  The one part that made me crazy about it with my handheld mixer, though – there are 5 cups of flour!  Yes, so it was basically arm day.  AND the most likely cause of death for the old mixer.  Thankfully it was right before Christmas, and my husband wanted to know my wish list.  I sent him a link to a handheld mixer, and said, this is all I really need.  Then I sent this link, and said this is all I really want, and I will make sugar cookies for you whenever you want.  Done deal, I became the proud owner of a stand mixer! 😉


Really, the recipe is simple, and super easy with the stand mixer, but there are a few tricks to help them turn into the BEST sugar cookies EVER.

  1. Separate the dough into halves before refrigerating.  It makes it so much easier to roll out only one half at a time, and it doesn’t warm up too much in the process.
  2. Make sure you flour your area and the rolling pin, when you’re rolling out the dough.  Sticky dough equals good dough.  This holds true for pizza dough too!
  3. Roll out the dough to a half an inch thick.  Do not roll it out any thinner or your cookies will be like crackers.  If that’s what you’re into, cool, but I like mine soft and like a cookie should be.
  4. The recipe says to bake for 6-8 minutes.  My thick ones are normally 8 minutes, and this is the perfect not raw dough, soft cookie cooking time here.  This can vary by altitude and oven, so watch your first batch more closely to figure out what is true for your oven.
  5. This might sound super basic, but ALWAYS set a timer.  Especially if you have kids at home and awake while you are baking these.  They will more than likely need you to pour them milk or wipe their bottom, and thus distract you from this serious cookie business.
  6. Take the cookies off the baking sheet as soon as they get out of the oven.  They will just keep cooking on the bottom and get hard, if you leave them on there.  Same goes for bread; get it out of that pan!



How do you do frosting?  Make your own or buy it from the store?  I like both, and pass no judgments, but homemade is better.  Read the ingredient list on the ones from the store, and you’ll see what I mean.  But I am obsessed with the rainbow chip kind, and will both ignore the ingredient list and eat it by the spoonful.  For my homemade frosting, I go old school cookbook style;  I don’t measure out anything.  I live on the edge.  I start with a stick of softened butter, a splash of milk, a dash of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and then add powdered sugar until it gets to the right consistency.  Boom, yummy frosting, and then of course has to be colored.

Sugar cookies are fun year round, and I hope this helps you make sugar cookies that are good enough to get your husband to buy you a stand mixer, or whatever else your heart desires 😉

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