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Getting that email in my inbox is SO EXCITING!!  It means that in the next few days, I will be getting a big box of surprises from Stitch Fix.  If you’re like me, surprises are few and far between.  I’m the one that does the surprising.

I started doing Stitch Fix 3 years ago, when I was finally not pregnant or nursing.  And if that sounds dramatic, I need to tell you that for 4 straight years, I was one of those two things.  When I got back to my normal size, I realized my style had changed.  Twenty-something Carla and thirty-something Carla were not on the same page.  I didn’t want to wear super embellished butt pocketed jeans with little zip up hoodies.  I didn’t like the super fitted tees.  I was just not that into the super casual clothes anymore.  Yes, of course, jeans are still a thing in my life.  However, I do not have rhinestones on my butt anymore.

The idea of shopping with a 1 year old and a 3 year old did not appeal to me AT ALL.  Sure, I will really get a chance to look around and try it all on without a melt down from one of us.  So that’s why the idea of clothes sent straight to my house sounded so amazing.  I filled out the style questionnaire and I love that you can tell them to stay away from certain colors.  Let’s be honest, this girl does not look good in yellow or orange.  And you can specify what items to avoid.  For me, it’s earrings because I don’t wear them.  Even fabric preferences are on there, like no wool or polyester for me please and thank you.  The most fun is rating outfits from hate it to love it.

Okay, enough with the history lesson, this fix was SO GOOD!  First, look at that pic up there.  When you open the box and see one of those bags, you are getting a new pair of shoes!!  Here’s what I got, cue the angels singing, and isn’t my helper adorable??


You really want to like all of the Fix because then you get 25% off your order, so when I opened up this box, I was so excited to like all 5 items.  And by like I mean love.

This Cloth & Stone top is so soft and comfortable.  And it actually fits well on top of that.  This is my first chambray top.  I think I was a little hesitant because obviously you have to wear something other than jeans on the bottom.  But it’s super cute with my black pants and burgundy pants, so I love it.  That’s one of the best parts about Stitch Fix; it gets you out of your clothing comfort zone a bit.  You can also let them know exactly how far out of that zone you are cool with going, or not at all.


I love plaid shirts, but up until this very shirt, I only loved them on other people.  This Napean Sea Rd shirt does not make me look like a lumber jack OR a picnic table, like every other one I have ever tried on does.  Miracles do happen.


This Andrew Marc Performance jacket goes with so much in my wardrobe and is so soft and cozy.  It feels more like a sweater I don’t want to take off ever.  I love navy.  My Hunter boots are navy and they look so good together.  And my next item is navy too… coincidence?  Nope, Stitch Fix is just that good.


These Lucky Brand booties!!  I have been wearing them almost nonstop.  They go with everything and are so comfortable.  I like the heel because it’s not too high to be uncomfortable, but enough for a little extra height.


So when I was checking out, the picture wouldn’t display for the vest.  So I tried googling it, nothing.  For realz, there are no images for it.  So excuse the non professional looking picture, but this 41 Hawthorne Jahana Cargo Vest is my new favorite piece of clothing.  Olive is one of my favorite colors for fall.  The hood is removable, but why would you want to take it off??


They even offer outfit ideas and write a cute note about why they chose what they picked for you.  And remember how I said you save 25% when you keep all 5 items?  I saved over $100 on this order.  So I could have gone shopping, with my crazy kids asking me a thousand questions and trying to open the changing room door.  And if I had found these same five items there, which I wouldn’t have because I am terrible at shopping, it would have cost me over $100 more.  WORTH IT.


What do you think about Stitch Fix?  Have you tried it or is it something you’d be into?  If you have never done it before, I obviously highly recommend.  This was my 18th fix, and I have loved all but one of them.  If you are willing to put the effort into letting the stylists get you and your style, they will make shopping SO EASY and FUN.  Unless you don’t like surprises, but who doesn’t like surprises??


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  1. Barbara

    Wow!!! Stitch Fix sounds amazing! I’m going to order a fix right now. What could be more fun than getting a surprise of great clothes delivered to my door? Thanks for sharing! I look forward to your next blog!

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