Have you watched This Is Us from Tuesday night yet?? If not, spoilers ahead, don’t read anymore.

I’ll kill some space and give you time to keep scrolling, if you haven’t yet, with the reason why I couldn’t watch it live. Tom was home. Why can’t I watch it with him? I tried once, it was just the last ten minutes of an episode. First, he called Kate fat. You don’t know her! You cannot say that! I love Kate. Then, he asked how Jack died. We don’t know yet! I’ve been wondering that for over a year, you can handle ten minutes of not knowing. And then, he asked when he was supposed to start crying. So now he’s not allowed to rain on my This Is Us parade.

Okay, so I have been emotionally preparing myself since Kate got pregnant for her to miscarry. These writers are assholes, brilliant ones that suck me into this show enough to act like I know these people and they are not only real, but like family. I wasn’t ready, though. While Kevin was ignoring the phone calls, and then one from Toby, I knew. Next week’s episode is going to be full of ugly crying, on my part, and I’m both nervous and can’t wait to watch it.

But Kevin! Can this please be his rock bottom?! When he told Sophie his dreams about their future are nightmares, couldn’t he have finished the sentence with because I’m an addict and need help? Without that last part, it’s seriously the meanest thing he could have said to her, which duh, I get he was trying to push her away and save her from himself, but poor Sophie.

Yes, he’s arrogant and kind of an ass, but I am a Kevin fan. I felt bad for him that he lost his dad’s necklace. Yeah, jerk move to leave that groupie from high school while she made a snack, but she took the opportunity to live out her fantasy when he was obviously wasted. Role reversal, we’d call that date rape, right? Charlotte raped Kevin and won’t give him back his necklace.

Seriously though, please let’s get Kevin into AA meetings and back to Sophie. AA meetings, just like his dad, that embarrassed him so much as a cocky high schooler. Humble him again. And make the apology to Sophie amazing, something of Jack-like performance.

I’ve been playing around with what day of the week to post here, and I think it’s going to be Saturdays. This week will be about a couple of my new favorites Instant Pot recipes and a couple ideas for left over mashed potatoes. One week until Thanksgiving!

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