#2 and some buns you need in your life

When Violet woke up this morning, she said, “why are you cwying, Mom?” (crying, not a typo, Violet just can’t say her Rs)  Because Kate’s mom hugged her, I’m fine.  Okay, if you haven’t seen This Is Us from last night, do not keep reading this.

To give you enough time to keep scrolling, here’s a favorite recipe of mine that is in my bread maker right now.  Bread makers, remember the crazy bread maker phase?  I feel like they were the Instant Pots of the 90s.  Fun fact, the bread machine in my kitchen is Tom’s.  25 year old Tom owned and operated a bread machine, funny right?  Really the only thing that surprised me more was that he not only liked sushi, but knew how to use chopsticks.  Carbs and sushi, yes please.

Back to the buns, these are THE BEST and super easy because the bread maker does all the work for you.  I love recipes from local cookbooks like this one.  Nothing super foodie or fancy ingredients, just yummy food.  With baking, I do follow recipes completely because its science stuff that I don’t want to mess up.  The only way mine vary from this recipe is that I only get 15 buns, not 20.  I feel like this is the same as how many cupcakes a cake mix box promises.  I don’t like a tiny cupcake any more than I like a tiny bun.  And yes, those are splatter marks all over the recipe.  Real life people.

Okay, so This Is Us….

We knew going into this week that Kate loses her baby, so I just sat there thinking, for real, how long are we going to have to watch Kate be excited about their baby before all the bad happens??  Thank you for not stretching that any farther, dear writers.  I know a few of you probably wanted to make it go on for longer because you love to play with our heart strings.

How do you feel about Rebecca?  When I am mad at her, I call her Mandy Moore.  Last season, she was Mandy Moore A LOT, but this season, she’s Rebecca mostly.  I was SO relieved a couple episodes ago, when we saw she gets together with Miguel years after Jack’s death and not right away.  AND when her first grandchild was born, picking up the broken pieces off the floor, and being sad to not be able to share the happiness with Jack.  Pool of me, on the ground, not being able to wait for Tom to get home so I could hug him because he’s not dead.

I love my husband, but oh my goodness do I also maybe love Toby a little bit.  He’s a fictional character, so that’s okay, right?  Finding the bath tub so it wouldn’t be delivered!  “You could never disappoint me.”  I can’t even.

So next week, we’ll get to see Randall’s view of the day of Kevin’s football accident.  I feel like we’re getting really close to finding out how Jack dies.  The dog is already there, Kevin’s leg is in the cast, and I am going to freak out when I see Rebecca in that Steelers jersey.

Happy day before Thanksgiving!  Hope you have an amazing long weekend!!

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