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I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of LipSense, unless you live under a rock (which would be no social media) or don’t watch Teen Mom 2.  As with most things, I am a little late to the game.  Did you know the company has been around for 18 years??  In 1999, SeneGence was born with only 6 shades of LipSense, a lipgloss, and a lip color remover.  Now there are over 50 shades, and a lot more products from makeup to skincare.

I heard about LipSense within the last year or two.  I think it depends on who you’re friends with on the FaceBook and where you live.  Normally, my friends in major cities hear about things first, but it actually seems to be the opposite here.  Anyway, I hadn’t tried it because it kinda made me nervous.  The starter kit comes with an “Ooops Remover,” and that made me think, am I going to color outside the lines??  I am kind of spazzy sometimes, maybe that’s not a good idea.  Also, it’s an alcohol based product, and that made me think it would dry out my lips.  So that’s why I didn’t jump on board and try it sooner.

More and more of my friends were trying it and liking it, though.  Then some of my friends started selling it because they loved it so much.  I personally love to support my friends in their momprenuer type adventures, so their excitement about it made me decide to try it.  At first, I wasn’t really sure if I liked it.  It stung a little, and the shade I picked was a lot bolder than what I was used to.  So I got another one to either wear on its own, or to layer with the first one.  And then I realized, it’s kinda genius…Lipstick that stays on all day, doesn’t come off when you eat, and is kiss proof!

First, if you haven’t heard about or tried LipSense, the application process is key to making it last a long time.  Your lips need to be clean and dry, and then you do 3 thin layers of the LipSense, followed by the gloss.  You have to shake the LipSense up before applying to mix it all up.  I didn’t once, and it wore off unevenly.  You also need to let each layer dry before adding the next one.  I’m not 100%, but I think it’s impossible to look cool during this process.  You could do all the layers the same shade or all different shades.  There are also different gloss colors, so the same shade could look 11 different ways.

After using it for a couple weeks now, my lips feel great.  It stung at first because my lips were chapped.  When winter starts here, the wind and our wood stove rob all the moisture from my lips.  The gloss feels awesome, and I even wear it without the LipSense on my no makeup days.  So am I a fan now?  Yes!

There are a couple things I think would make the brand better.  I think the packaging could be improved.  Has it been updated since 1999?  Also, is there formal training for the distributors?  My cousin is fabulous and super knowledgable, but I ran into some misinformation out there along the way.  One distributor told me the reason my lips stung at first was because LipSense was burning off years of using bad products.  Let me say that craziness again.  These other products had left a buildup on my lips and it was burning it off.  For real??  I have also heard of distributers claiming you can add the products’ SPFs to get a higher protection number.  Sorry, but you’re only protected as much as the highest SPF you’re wearing.  If my lotion has 35 SPF and my powder has 20 SPF, I am not protected with 55 SPF.  Not a math problem, it’s just 35 SPF protection.

So yes, I would recommend LipSense.  I think they have so many color options, there’s totally something for everyone and every season.  The two I tried are Coral Lina and Bombshell. I think I want Luv It or Bella next. What would you pick or what’s your favorite already?

2 thoughts on “LipSense Review

  1. Thanks for your honest review, cuz! I’m glad you wound up loving it as much as I do!

    Yes, the packaging could use an updating (us distributors are working on some positive peer pressure there) and I can’t BELIEVE some of that craziness you were told! There is definitely training, but as with anything…not everyone will use it. Thankfully, those people don’t tend to last.

    1. I can’t wait to see the new packaging, when it comes out! And yes, not everyone is motivated when it comes to training, and those peeps won’t last long. I’m looking forward to trying more colors and products. Do you like the mascara?

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