Mom Colds

So duh, there’s never a great time to get sick. It’s never convenient and life doesn’t stop just because we’re not at 100%. I feel like we get so used to this as moms, that mom colds aren’t even taken seriously. Most of the time, they just go away, and we forget all about them. But I know we all have a couple doozies and I’m here to share two of mine.

When Annalee was two months old, I got a nasty stomach bug. It’s super rare that I puke, but omg this was crazy. I was breastfeeding (something I was thankful to be able to do, but no shade at all to bottle feeding) and could barely keep even water down. I didn’t pee for two days. My baby girl was fed, but that literally took every ounce of fluid I had. Looking back, yeah, I totally should have gone to the hospital for an IV to hydrate, at the very least. But the thought never occurred to me. I was just doing what I needed to do and taking care of my people.

And then there’s right now. I’ve been sick for 13 days with a super annoying cough. I’ve been really tired, but there’s no time for that kind of laziness. Over these past 13 days, we’ve been really busy, and I just kept thinking it would go away. Nope, so I finally got serious with google and web md yesterday morning and realized I might have pneumonia. I couldn’t just let that one go. My sister ended up in the hospital for several days with pneumonia and I for realz do not have the time for that noise. So I went to the doctor, and a chest scan confirmed that I do in fact have pneumonia, not just an annoying cough.

So today, instead of driving the kids to practice for their Christmas program, I’m in bed. Why is resting so hard to make ourselves do? Why is it so hard to ask people to help? Self sufficiency shouldn’t come first, but it kinda does, at least for me. It’s humbling, right?

So please, tell me your mom cold stories. I know you have them too. And I’m stuck in bed, so help a sister out and give me something to read.

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