“The Breakdown”

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Breakdown is SO GOOD! It’s a solid 5 stars, and I highly recommend this book. I feel like I’m hard to fool, and I was completely thrown off the truth that comes out by the end of the book. B.A. Paris’s first novel, Behind Closed Doors was an international bestseller, as well as being on The New York Time’s Bestseller List. The Breakdown is only her second novel, and it’s on both the New York Time’s Bestseller List and USA Today’s. So it’s not just me. And now I really want to read her first novel. Add it to the list!

I hope you’re having a great day today! What are you up to? We used to go out to dinner, but it’s kind of a gong show with expensive special menus and the need for reservations way in advance. Now, we just try to make it fun at home with the kids. Oh, and we go out of town for a long weekend before all the V-Day noise.

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