My first RocksBox in awhile…

I used to get RocksBoxes, before I had very much jewelry. I highly recommend RockBox, in that regard because it helped build my collection. For $21 a month, you get 3 pieces of jewelry at a time. Wear them for as long as you’d like. Decide if there’s a piece you cannot live without (we’ll come back to that part). Send back the rest, or all 3 because you 100% do not have to buy anything, in a prepaid mailer. Have fun checking the mail for your next box. Easy peasy.

So this is what I got in my box 📦

Back to if you’d like to purchase the jewelry. That $21 per month subscription fee actually becomes a credit for anything you purchase from that month’s boxes. The jewelry is also offered at below retail price. And, if you want to buy all 3, you get an extra $10 off.

As soon as you decide how you feel about the pieces in your set, go online and rate them. Or, if you’re like me, do it when you send your box back because you’re busy and forgot.

I sent all 3 pieces back. I liked the Sophie Harper moon necklace the most. I think the moon pendant is adorbs, but the top of the crescent kept getting hung up on the gold chain 🌙

I really like wrap bracelets. This one from Nakamol is really pretty, but felt a bit bulky because it’s so wide already. It’s also FREEZING here right now and all that metal got cold ❄️

Not into this pendent necklace from Rudiment. I think the star is weird and the sparkliness, whatever the material is, looks cheap. Not my style, but I bet they’ll do better next time with the new feedback.

How fun is that to be able to tell them what trends I’m into seeing more of in my next box?? I picked Natural Stones this time. What would you pick? You can even send in a picture of an outfit you would like them to send the perfect jewelry for! I’m going to do that next time 😉

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