February Boxy Charm

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If you are only going to get one beauty subscription box, get Boxy Charm! It’s just under $20 per month, and you get 5 full size products worth way more than $4 each.

Here’s what was in the February box:

  1. OFRA Cosmetics Pop-Up Mini Palette with a Blush Godet ($19 and $12)
  2. Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Pencil ($21)
  3. PUR the Complexion Authority X-Faux Lip Plumping Exfoliator ($17)
  4. COVERFX Shimmer Veil ($28)
  5. Crown Pro Trio Brush Set ($29.99)

Told ya they are worth more than $4 each! How does Boxy Charm send $126.99 worth of products for less than $20?? I don’t know, but I’m for sure not complaining! Unlike ipsy, everyone gets the same 5 items in their box.

What do I think of the products? The mini palette is awesome. I love that it’s magnetic and has room for a lot more than the blush. I’m a little confused as to why the blush is round and not square or rectangle, to use the space most efficiently. I like the eye pencil, but just use it to line my eyes, not to do Smokey Eyes. It glides on well, unlike some pencils. I LOVE the lip exfoliator. I seem to be accumulating them lately, and it’s my new go to. The Shimmer Veil is SO pretty. I could see using this as an eyeshadow or highlight. And the brushes are so soft. I am going to use them for new powder/bronzer brushes.

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