First Hello Fresh

I’ve been thinking about trying a meal delivery box for awhile, and finally bit the bullet with a Hello Fresh this week. I made this for dinner tonight.

I LOVE the step by step instructions with pictures. If my daughter, Annalee wasn’t sick, she would have loved making this with me.

I think it’s awesome how all the ingredients are measured out and it’s so easy. Look at all this fun that came for the Thyme Gravy Pork Chops, and my cute, not sick helper. And by helper I mean other person in the kitchen that never stops talking.

And shut up, how cute is this milk container? “This is cow we do it.”

I’m really into the sheet meal for the pork chops and asparagus. I just braised the pork chops first, then easy peasy, the rest is in the oven. Love the way those turned out. But the mashed potatoes and gravy were eh. Just potatoes with milk and some salt and pepper. Not into it. Grow up and get some flavor please. And the gravy wouldn’t thicken using their instructions. So I added cornstarch and it worked.

I think it turned out pretty close to the picture, besides the color of the gravy. The kids liked it, but put ketchup on the potatoes for some actual flavor.

I know Hello Fresh is healthy, but healthy doesn’t have to suck. I’m excited to try tomorrow’s dinner. I think it will be really good! Parmesan Chicken Dippers with Rosemary Fries 🙌


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