RocksBox WIN

So much prettiness came in my RocksBox this week!!!  I am in love with all three pieces.  Instead of being surprised, I picked all three pieces out myself.  That is not to say that when I see something in person, I always like it, but this time I totally do.  I even loved one so much, I had to make it part of my life forever.  Or bought it, that’s a less dramatic way to put it, I guess.

This Jenna Tortoise Necklace from Slate is gorgeous, right?  It’s kinda statement, but not over the top.  It retails for $60, but the member price is $51.

This is a Pave Slider Bar Bracelet in gold and jet black from Sophie Harper.  It so delicate, but kinda edgy at the same time.

The bracelet retails at $45, but the member price is $38.  I think it’s cute all by itself, but could also be cute layered with more bracelets.

This necklace is also from Sophie Harper.  It’s so simple, but beautiful.  The Interlocking Circles Necklace retails at $55, but member price is $46.  I wore it today, and I LOVED it.  I think it’s elegant alone, but could also be paired with other length gold necklaces.

Then RocksBox sent me a reminder email that my “Shine Credit” of $21 expires today, since it’s the last day of the month.  The monthly membership fee is $21, but that becomes a credit towards anything you choose to purchase that month.  I got this month for free, as they are trying to woo me back into the subscription (and they’re doing a really good job…), but I still got the $21 credit.  So, I bought my new necklace for only $25!!!  And I love it.

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