Second Dinner from Hello Fresh

Our second meal from Hello Fresh was better than the first.  The Parmesan Chicken Dippers were so good!  Here’s what our ingredients looked like.  I was kinda crabby about having to cut the chicken breasts into tenders myself, but the breasts were nicely trimmed of fat, skin, and general icky parts.

I really like the step by step instructions, even though I don’t always follow them because I think I am smart.  Sorry, not dirtying three pans, Hello Fresh.  We made it work with two, thanks.

Back to the ingredients, how cute is this parmesan bag??  And yes, cuteness is a factor.

This is the finished dinner, told you I made it work with only two pans.  I ran out of breading towards the end of the strips.  I think I went a little heavier than the coating than the healthy folks at Hello Fresh would do.

No one was a super fan of the honey mustard dipping sauce.  But everything else was a huge hit.

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