Benefit’s Brand New Mascara

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Let’s get something out of the way.  I am a self proclaimed mascara snob.  I do not think they are all formulated equally and packaged in the same factory, just into different tubes.  I think most, if not all drug store mascara is garbage.  Also, just because it’s from a department store or Sephora, it’s not for sure going to be amazing.  But this is a safe space and it’s 100% okay with me if you feel differently.

I tried Benefit’s They’re Real and was not a fan.  It didn’t provide much for length and volume, and the formula is really dry and flakey.  By flakey I mean specks of the mascara flake off and live along the lower lash line, making it look like you slept with your makeup on.  Despite this, I was really excited to try the new mascara Bad Gal Bang.  Beauty bloggers have been posting super impressive pictures of one lash with Bad Gal and one without.  I had to get in on that action.  Pretty good, right??

My lashes are pretty long, thanks to lash serums, but are really light on the ends.  The eye with mascara looks so much happier and well rested than the naked one.  And yes, I am due for a brow wax.  I am aware of the situation.  No intervention is necessary at this time.

Look at the packaging in the first pic.  I am 100% sold on the promise for length, volume, and lift.  I didn’t even curl my lashes.  I honestly never do because once I got a few of my lashes stuck in one of those torture devices, so they scare me.  The claim that had me unsure was the whole lasting for 36 hours thing.  Who’s up for the long?  Do they mean you can sleep with it on and still wake up looking good?  Very confusing, but I decided to try it out for the sake of science.  Despite my fear of sleeping with my makeup on, I did it for you.  You’re welcome for doing such important work for mankind.

This is 36 hour old mascara.  Still not flakey, but a little less volume and length.  I am super impressed with this mascara, and don’t really care if it isn’t perfect after wearing it for two days straight.  Not really a plan of mine for the future.  And also, yes, I am super tired in this picture and should have smiled, but didn’t.  I took the picture for the experiment, and was thinking I would be able to crop out my RBF, but couldn’t.  And I am not doing the experiment again for a better, non RBF Carla.  Sorry!

The first one is full size, and the second one is a smaller size to try before committing to a full tube.  I think it’s awesome and is definitely in my top 5 favorites.  The only reasons I can see someone wouldn’t be into it is if they don’t like rubber application wands, or if they don’t like beautiful lashes.

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  1. Barbara

    I loved this blog, thank you! Mascara is very near and dear to my heart, it’s probably my favorite makeup item. I’m definitely going to try Bad Gal Bang mascara after seeing your amazing pictures! I currently use Dior Addict -IT-LASH mascara, but I understand it’s not the best anymore.

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