Spring is in the air!

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The glorious sun has been out in the PNW for a few days and I am LOVING it!!  It’s feeling like spring, especially since my flower beds are coming back to life.  Daffodil and tulip bulbs are poking through, and so are my iris and lily plants.  So today, I am going to share some of my favorite gardening items.  I would love to hear what your must haves are too!

First, I always wear Gardening Gloves because bugs are a lot less scary with gloves on, and I don’t want to get dirty.

I would way rather use a Garden Claw than bend over the whole time, when I’m weeding.  Call me lazy or smart, up to you.

We have a slug problem in our gardens, so we use Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer to stop those gross buggers from eating our plants.  It’s safe to use around animals, which is really important to us.  Especially since Violet used to eat dirt…

I love to put Hummingbird Feeders and Bird Feeders on Shepherd Hooks in my flower beds.

I really do love my daffodils and tulips, but my fave is my Purple Giant Allium.  It’s so eye catching and looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.

My all time favorite flower ever, though, are Peonies.  I planted mine a few years ago, and they come back bigger and better each year.  Last year was the first time they flowered.

I am for sure not a gardening expert, but I am excited to clean up my flower beds, see what decides to come back, and plant some new stuff.  What’s your favorite thing in your flower beds or pots?

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