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To give a more informed review of Hello Fresh, we got another box. Or I forgot to de-activate the account before the next week was locked in place. Either way, I’m so glad we did because it was so good. Way better than the first week, and what’s funny about that is I didn’t pick the meals. Hello Fresh decided for me because I forgot to do it myself. Okay, so now it’s obvious, I didn’t do it on purpose for this review.

Our first meal was Crantastic Turkey Burgers with salad. I was so not looking forward to this one. I am anti cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. No thank you, I don’t want can-shaped gelatinous cranberries with my turkey.  But I am so glad I tried this.

The turkey burgers were so good, and the cranberry part was cranberry jam mixed with mayo so it wasn’t super sweet.  Then the greens tossed with balsamic on the burger added another amazing flavor element.  Even Tom liked it.  And that’s kind of a big deal because he was even more against trying it than I was.

Our second meal in the box was Creamy Dill Chicken with green beans and potatoes.  Look at this cutie who helped me make the dinner.

I normally don’t cook chicken this way, but it was really good and I for sure will do so again in the future.  That’s a fun part about these meals.  That and the new, healthy recipes.

The dinner was really good and everyone actually ate at least two out of the three parts.  That’s a big deal here!

So my thoughts on Hello Fresh…  If you are used to eating out, this is a much healthier and less expensive alternative.  If you are going to be having a super busy week and need to have some really quick and easy dinners to make, this is perfect.  However, it is much more expensive than buying the ingredients yourself and making the recipes on your own.

My hack for this: the Hello Fresh website has the exact recipe cards with the ingredients and instructions on their website.  You can print out the ones you like, and then, put those ingredients you need on your shopping list for the week.  OR if you live where there’s ClickList or a similar grocery service where you can either pick up your groceries or have them delivered, like InstaCart, you’ll save a lot of money.  The ingredients won’t be pre-measured, like with Hello Fresh delivered, so it will take a little more time, but that’s how I plan to roll.  Unless I am having a super crazy week, and we all know those happen.

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