Organizing my shiz

I did not take a before picture because I honestly have more pride than that.  My counter tops were OUT OF CONTROL!!  Skincare and hair products were everywhere and in complete chaos.  My makeup was kinda sorted in my drawers, but not so well that I actually could see everything I have to work with.  So I asked my lovelies on Carla Daisy for advice.  There were so many good ideas.  One of my faves was for an entire desk, but I simply don’t have the room.  Someday!

For now, though, one of them messaged me a link to these organizers on Amazon.  Jerrybox 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer is under $20 and even less with the coupon code OEYXQ76X.  So from my bed, I bought two, just like that.  And the amazing Amazon somehow got them to my house the next day.

The one downside, assembly is required.  And it took me just over a week to have time to put them together.  I am not super good at this sort of thing.  I pretty much had to get married or live a life of hiring handymen, for my level of mechanical prowess.  And I figured it out.  The first one definitely took longer than the second.  But the instructions are easy to understand AND have pictures.

I really like how I could decide where to put the little shelves, height-wise in there.  And it’s super fun to have four sides to work with for all my products.

I am sure I will move stuff around some, but this is where I am at today.

My only issue now is where to put all my palettes.  How do you organize or display yours?

I am about to start a full on bathroom remodel here.  Totally cosmetic, nothing serious like ripping down walls or plumbing related.  I am doing it all myself, and we’ve already been over my skill set. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  All opinions are my own, and I would only recommend products I actually like.

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