Lash Boost vs. Eye Wonder

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If you’re new here, you may not be aware of my lash obsession.  I had never had long eyelashes.  I had wanted to try Latisse back when that came out, but I never got around to going to the dermatologist for a prescription because life is busy and it’s hard to get appointments with them. 6 months out? No thanks.

Then, Rodan and Fields came out with Lash Boost.  While I know there are plenty other lash serums on the market, this one caught my eye because of the absolutely insane results people were getting with it.  The price point of $135 is a little high, but that really only makes me think, it must work.  It’s not some cheap product you could get at the drug store.  It’s actually going to work.  And work it freaking did!!

These were just my four months results from using it on my lashes and also on my eyebrows.  They are both noticeably darker and fuller.  And my lashes are so much longer.  They continued to get longer and could easily touch my eyebrows.  The only downside of having super long Lash Boost lashes is trying to not get mascara near your eyebrows.  If you don’t know what I mean, then clearly you are still in the short lash boat that I used to be in.

Over the years since it was released, I have had several friends that have been unable to use Lash Boost because their skin is very sensitive.  Their eyelids get red and inflamed, and that’s just not the look we’re going for here.  Others have thought the price point is just too high.  And then along come Eye Wonder from Monat.  I LOVE their hair products because they work really well and are all natural, like no parabens, phthalates, PEG, sulfates, harmful fragrances or colors, and a whole bunch of other things people get cray cray about lately.  Eye Wonder is also only $50.  So, I decided to do a two part experiment.  Yeah, I’m that cool, calm down.

Part one, my beautiful, talented, super awesome, I-wish-we-lived-closer cousin friend was one of the people who really wanted to use Lash Boost, but her skin couldn’t hang.  For realz, over the years of talking to people about skincare, Tarah has the most sensitive skin out of anyone I know.  She wanted Lash Boost to work so badly, she continued to use it, even though she was having a reaction.  Her coworkers had to pull her aside and ask what was going on with her eyes.  So I immediately thought of her, when I heard about Eye Wonder.  Tarah was the test subject to see if Eye Wonder works.  Can this super natural, not expensive product grow her a pair?  YES!!  These are her lashes: dates from top to bottom are January 27, February 12, and March 26.  All three are with mascara.  Can you tell from just the eye pictures how gorgeous she is??

Part two of the experiment, I was the guinea pig.  Can Eye Wonder maintain Lash Boost lashes??  Lash Boost lashes are so long and thick, it pretty much looks like you have falsies.  You will get asked if your lashes are fake, and you can just smile and say I know my lashes are amazing, but no, they are my real lashes.  Because they are your real lashes, just with magic serum that makes them extra long and thick.  I wanted to be able to tell my fellow Lash Boost lovers, if this product that’s practically a third of the cost, could be used instead.  The answer is no.  While Eye Wonder can grow lashes, it just can’t compete with Lash Boost lashes.  If you want a more natural looking length, it’s perfect, but I want fake looking lashes.  These pics are two month apart, and both with mascara, even the same brand of mascara.

What lash serums have you tried?

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