“Behind Closed Doors” 🚪

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Today was a sick day at my house.  Annalee woke up with an upset stomach, and that’s basically my mom kryptonite.  Cleaning up puke is definitely in my top 5 worst parts of being a parent list.  I immediately get a bucket to park next to that child and at even the slightest throat sound, shove it in front of their face and run for the bathroom.  It’s gotten better, as the kids have gotten older and can actually make it to the toilet most times, but it’s freakin scarring.  Oh the horrors I’ve had to clean.

After a couple hours, it became pretty obvious that Annalee wasn’t going to puke, and was probably just tired this morning and knows the right words to say to stay home from school.  I don’t blame her though, it’s May, I’m over the school year too.  So we decided to just cuddle in bed and rest.  We all hung out in my bed, the girls watched Netflix and I read Behind Closed Doors.

I have been excited to read another book from B.A. Paris because I LOVED The Breakdown so much.  So I started it this afternoon and finished it just before dinner.  SO GOOD!!  5 stars all the way. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Behind Closed Doors” was actually her debut novel, but you would never suspect that.  She goes back and forth between past and present, a style I love, but get annoyed about only because I want to know what happens right now and not in 20 pages.  That really just shows how good the story is, though, and isn’t a real complaint.  It was so good, I read the first chapter again after I finished the book.  Just to read it with knowing all that I knew by the end, completely changed the context.

I was surprised all the way until the end, and would highly recommend this book.  She is a fabulous author and has very good, original storylines.  And if you look at the cover of the book, clearly I am not the only one that feels that way.

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