A Father’s Role on Mother’s Day

I try to be a positive person, but I also am not shy about sharing my opinion when something makes me crazy.  So here we go…

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day to let moms know how special and appreciated they are.  As a father, it is your job to help your children do this.  Until your children have their own income streams and are able to operate a motor vehicle or get a freakin bus pass, this is YOUR JOB.  To arrogantly proclaim, “my wife is not my mother, so I don’t have to do anything for her” is bullshit.  You should be excited to help your children show her love, not make the holiday somehow about you.  You made her a mother, celebrate that!

Guess what?  Mother’s Day isn’t really a holiday for us.  It’s an event, that we’ve probably been planning for awhile.  And we have our own mothers to also think about, and yours too.  (I am very sorry for those without this luxury, that’s us on Father’s Day for our house, without any grandpas.)  Some people go out to brunch that costs five times more than it normally does, but our family likes to do a barbecue.  The men cook, but who do you think bought and prepared that?  And I’m pretty sure with those brunch families, it was the moms planning a time and making reservations.

Negativity aside, I love Mother’s Day.  I love the cute presents the kids make at school.  I love getting everyone together and it’s normally a beautiful, sunny day.  I am very excited for tomorrow and just don’t understand why people gotta find ways to make something fun into something else.

What do you think a father’s role is on Mother’s Day?

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