My family’s must have for camping

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Five years ago (I only know this because I was pregnant with Violet), I apparently had lots of time on my hands and decided to get all Pinterest-y for a camping trip.  Before we start, I have to warn you.  If you make this recipe, you will forever have to make it and will not be able to simply buy them from the store.  Your family will not be able to go back and you will have to make these for every camping trip for the rest of your life.  So you’ve been properly warned…

So pregnant Carla decided to make homemade graham crackers.  And there hasn’t been a camping trip since then that I haven’t made them.  It is official camping tradition.  I start off like, I don’t know if there will be time, maybe I’ll just grab some from the store.  And then everyone starts asking about where the good graham crackers are and I make at least one batch.  The dough reminds me of sugar cookies because it has to be chilled and then rolled out to be cut into cookies.

All crabbiness aside, it’s totally worth it.  After you have a homemade graham cracker, that’s kinda soft and feels more like a cookie, going back to the store ones makes them just seem like a dry cracker.  There are lots of recipes on Pinterest, but this is the one use: graham crackers.  I use a biscuit cutter to make them uniform(-ish) and I skip the cinnamon and sugar topping.  I also bake mine for a little less time and remove them to cooling racks, instead of letting them harden on the pan.

Seriously though, which one would you choose?? And what are your fave s’mores toppings?

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12 thoughts on “My family’s must have for camping

  1. Oh no, now I HAVE to have homemade graham crackers for our next camping trip lol! Maybe it can be a tradition I can start with my toddler, she loves to help in the kitchen:)

  2. Candice Becker

    Ohhh. These sound great. I think I might need to add them to my S’moresgasbord repertoire. I normally put all varieties of s’mores on Ritz crackers (sounds weird but trust me, just try it). I love adding Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, different flavors of homemade marshmallows, peanut butter, cookie butter, Nutella, bananas, bacon, Andes Mints. Any manner of craziness might end up in my s’more. We will have to pow-wow sometime about this.

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