The things kids say 😂😬🤞

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!  We had big family pictures.  And by big family pictures, I mean that there were 22 people there. That’s just immediate family from my husband’s side.  How many are on my immediate side? TWO.

But that’s not what the story is about today.  This Monday Momming moment is about my Violet Kay Crazypants.  A couple weeks ago, she told me that she pees out of her butt.  I thought about just letting it go, and then I thought, no, we’re going to learn something new today.

“No Violet, you pee out of your vagina.”  We’re going to for real words here.  No silly names, the real deal.

Then she said, “My China?”

And then I remembered how terribly inappropriate she can be.  She has zero filter and no volume control, so I decided perhaps it’s best for her to not know the real word.  “Yes, your China.”

Violet rode her bike a lot while we were camping.  She told me, “My bike hurts my Chinese.”  Somehow China turned into Chinese, and I think it’s hilarious.  We were definitely not alone when she made this announcement.  What if I had corrected her and she had said, “My bike hurts my vagina,” in public.  Truer words may have never been spoken, but we don’t tell everyone such things, especially not when boys are around.  And I think that last sentiment is something that my four year old just doesn’t get yet.

Annalee had known the correct word, but has now adopted Chinese as well.  I am for sure winging this mom thing sometimes and just hoping the stories my kids tell someday are funny and about happy memories…

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