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I finished Stephen King’s latest novel The Outsider a couple days ago.  It’s number one on Amazon’s most read books list right now!  I’m sure it will be on bestseller lists.  I’m rating it 4.5 stars.

I must mention first and foremost, this book starts with an “unspeakable crime.”  Literally, the most horrific and shocking crime I have ever read about, and thankfully it’s fiction.  As a rule when reading his books, know that Stephen King doesn’t shy away from shock value or killing off characters.  He is a master at creating a completely believable supernatural reality.  “Sleeping Beauties” and The Mr. Mercedes Trilogy were absolutely incredible examples of this.  I gave both of those 5 stars, but really it was more like 5+ because they seriously set him on a whole other level of literary mastery.  If you read the trilogy, you’ll get to see a character from those books make an appearance in The Outsider, so that’s kinda fun.

I am normally not afraid of the dark, but I for sure would not take the trash out in the dark while I was reading this book.  Stephen King got in my head hard core.  I have to say that I think it was some of the content that kept this book from being a 5 for me.  I don’t want to make it sound like a book not worthy of being read.  4.5 stars is still a really good book.  But I don’t hand out the 5’s lightly.  I for sure did not see all the twists and turns in this book and was sucked into the storyline from the start.

What are you reading?  And have you ever been scared of the dark from a book or movie?

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