“Bring Me Back”

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Bring Me Back is the third novel from B.A. Paris, just released last month.  I was really excited to read this book because I LOVED the first two, “Behind Closed Doors” and “The Breakdown”.  Maybe that’s why I was disappointed with “Bring Me Back.”  I still gave it 3.5 stars, and that’s a good book, just not a great one…

I didn’t like the protagonist, like at all.  He’s an Irish brute of a man who is violent and has zero loyalty.  At the beginning of each of Paris’s novels, as the reader, you know something is off kilter and not how it seems.  The other two were way more intricate plots, but this one I had figured out already at the halfway mark.  It’s a fast read and an interesting story, but not her best.  I seriously might have just been expecting too much, though.  I also didn’t like the ending at first, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.  The book is thought provoking, and while I didn’t like the main character, he was well developed enough for me to kinda hate him.  If you are in a boys are dumb mood, read this book.

We’re getting ready for another camping trip this week.  I am bringing Ghosted because it looks like a light, fun beach read.  What are you reading?

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