Stitch Fix for KIDS!

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Did you know Stitch Fix styles boxes for kids now???  Boys and girls, size 2T-14, can get their very own boxes!

We had to try it out as soon as we heard about it.  They were a few weeks out on ship dates, so the earliest we could get one was August 8th.  Clearly, we were not the only ones to be super excited and order one right away!  And it worked out perfectly for back to school clothes.

Just like with Stitch Fix for adults, you can choose styles of clothes you like and do not like, specify what type of items you would like to see or never see in the box, and select favorite colors and patterns while eliminating others from your palate.

SOOOOO, what was in Annalee’s first box??  Three shirts, two dresses, two sweatshirts, and three pants.  Check out the live unboxing here: Stitch Fix for KIDS!

I love the colors in this first shirt.  And I am a big fan of stripes and the style of the second one.  The striped one looked a little small, and Annalee’s little sister, Violet claimed it as her own immediately.  I believe you can exchange sizes in the checking out process, though.

This dress is so soft and cozy.  It’s perfect for fall!  And it says “Enjoy this Day.”  So cute.

Annalee LOVES this dress.  It was one of the first items she had to try on.  I wasn’t a super fan of the print right away, but it’s growing on me.  The mom control freak in me just need to learn to let it go.  They are her clothes, not mine, and it does look super cute on her.

I am personally a huge fan of all things gray, so of course I love this sweatshirt.  The cute graphic and saying “Girls Roll” makes it fun.

This unicorn shirt is so cute!  The unicorn’s hair extends onto the back of the shirt, making it cute on the back side too.

Annalee almost started crying tears of joy, when she saw this hoodie.  Sequins, a heart and a unicorn on a bright pink sweatshirt is apparently a little overwhelming for her, but in a good way.

Unicorn leggings!  Does it get any better for a six year old?  Maybe paired with that awesome hoodie or shirt, but other than that, it’s a hard no.  AND they are fleece lined!  If you live in a cold place, you understand the necessity.

Super cute and comfy light pink skinny jeans.  They matched the colors in this box perfectly!

These jeggings are also super soft.  I couldn’t tell at first if they were black or navy because they are such a dark blue.  I love dark demin.

The total for all ten items was $198.  If you keep all ten, you get 25% off, making the total only $148.50!  Less than $15 per item!!  Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee a week or so in advance, and it is applied to your total at checkout.  So my total was only $128.50.  I love that these pieces are unique, and not everyone in her class will have matching outfits, like it happens sometimes with clothes from Carters, Target, or Old Navy.

BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING IS DONE!!!!!  And sorry if I said cute too much, but really, the box was SUPER CUTE!

I hope you have as much luck with a fix as Annalee did!  If you have never tried Stitch Fix before, please follow this link: Get Your Very Own Box!  Thanks!!

How are you doing on your back to school shopping?


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  1. Jini

    How do feel about light colored pants? As a toddler boy mom, they scare the ever loving laundry day out of me! I have a hard time putting him in anything light colored, especially pants. Are girls different?

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