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Friends, I tried.  I really tried to read all of this ginormous book, but I just can’t do it…

First, It is SO LONG!  Check out how giant this paperback is!!  Have you ever seen one that’s so thick?

That bookmark is on page 620 of 1,157.  One-thousand, one-hundred fifty-seven pages of small font!!

Second, this book is creepy.  While I do not actually believe Pennywise is hanging out under my deck, when I am walking up the steps in the dark, I picture a hand grabbing my foot.  And yes, that makes me go a lot faster than I would otherwise.  I stopped reading It over a week ago, and I still have this thought.  I know it will go away, but for now, I’m a bit scared of the dark.  Thanks Stephen.

Third, while the prose is amazing and his descriptions are obviously vivid, It’s a little slow.  I think I am going to watch the movie (MAYBE) to see how It ends because it’s just taking him way too long to get to the ending in the book.  There’s a lot of backstory and build up to the actual showdown with Pennywise in the present day of the book.  It hasn’t even started yet and I’m over halfway.  And honestly, I’m not even super curious about what goes down in the last pages.

I am a fan of Stephen King, just not this book.  I feel conflicted because normally I give his books 5 stars, but this one is a hard 2.  I really liked “Mr. Mercedes”, “The Outsider”, “11/22/63”, and “Sleeping Beauties.”  These four books were all twisted, but still thought-provoking.  It is disturbing and disgusting.

What are you reading?  I just started Nine Perfect Strangers, by Liane Moriarty.  So far, it’s good and was a much needed genre change!

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