This Is Us – Fall Finale

Season 1 and 2 of This Is Us had me.  Like I could not wait to watch it.  I would be both nervous and excited to see what would happen to the Pearsons.  Up until yesterday’s episode of Season 3, I really haven’t been that impressed.  The storyline has been good, but really I feel like the show was coasting on the success of the earlier seasons.  If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading this right now.  Unless you want to read spoilers…

Yes, the storyline about Kate being pregnant has been interesting and emotional.  But there’s just that part of me that hasn’t wanted to get all emotionally invested to have those writers kill another baby of theirs.  I feel like this all came out in last night’s episode, though, and I feel so much better about it.  When Toby and Kate addressed the elephant in the room and talked about why neither said yes to finding out the gender, it was like everything I’ve been thinking.  I am so on board now, and I know, I will probably be crying about something related to it, when they finally come back in January.

Um, Randall running for city council has not been super exciting.  Cool, save the world bro, but really, elections are not interesting to me.  But shut up, why are they setting up Randall and Beth to look like they are not together in the future.  I don’t think Beth should have asked him to stop running in the election.  Especially since it seems like he’s going to lose.  Like ride the thing out for a few more weeks, and then you’re getting your way anyway when he loses.  I don’t understand how they went from super lovey dovey Randall and Beth (“you’re my favorite song, of course I hear you”) to him sleeping on the couch and she’s not making eye contact, over him saying no.  Okay, I can see the fight that night, but not them actually not being together anymore and this being the catalyst.  I know the writers are tricksters, so I’m not sure on this one.  It would explain the ringless future Randall though…

I like Kevin going to Vietnam.  I think it’s funny how the writers set things up to look like it’s going to be a Christmas Hallmark movie, and then totally don’t do it.  Okay, so we’re going to talk to a man in the old village, who was a young boy when the war was going on.  Kevin’s going to show him the picture, and he’s going to say, that’s my mom.  Your dad saved my life from a terrible infection.  Nope.  He has no clue who the woman is and that necklace is super common.  But Jack’s brother, Nicky is still alive!  And lives in Pennsylvania.  What??  Did he fake his death?  Jack doesn’t seem like one to just give up on something without seeing an actual dead body.  Is this what Jack is running through the water towards after the boat exploded?  So many questions.

AND now we finally know who “she” is in the future.  Everyone is going to see Rebecca.  Why are they all going to see her at once?  Why does Tess not want to go?  Why is Beth bringing Pin the Tail on the Donkey?  There’s something dark about it, but the game makes it confusing.  Thoughts??  We have a month to theorize, since they’re not coming back until January 15th.  🙁

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