“Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”

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My reading for 2019 is off to a bit of a slow start 😬

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine is Gail Honeyman’s debut novel. I had no idea this was her first book from reading it. She has incredible character development and is really good at dry wit, almost like accidental sarcasm that actually made me laugh.

I give Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine a solid four starts.  Amazon has it at a 4.5 right now, and it was #15 on their top book charts this week.  The book is set in Scotland, if you need another reason to get it.

Eleanor is a very original and memorable character. She’s socially unaware in the best way. While she learns to care about certain social niceties (if someone buys you a drink, you buy them one back), she 💯 marches to her own tune and doesn’t care if others like it or not.

An example of her funniness, that is super relatable for me:

The only criterion I have is that books must look clean, which means that I have to disregard a lot fo the potential reading material in the charity shop.  I don’t use the library for the same reason, although obviously, in principle and reality, libraries are life enhancing palaces of wonder.  It’s not you libraries, it’s me, as the popular saying goes.  The thought of books passing through so many unwashed hands – people reading them in the bath, letting their dogs lick them, picking their nose and wiping the results on the pages.  People eating crisps and then reading a few chapters without washing their hands first.  I just can’t.  No, I look for books with one careful owner.

The story is not predictable and the ending isn’t cheesy. I am very excited this book is being made into a movie. Reese Witherspoon is somehow involved, and she also put this book on her book club list. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Gail Honeyman’s next book!

What are you reading? Up next for me is either Elevation or The Dutch Wife

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