So I have been using Monat for a year…

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And I love it.  No, my hair didn’t fall out.  No, my hair still isn’t perfect.  Check out my before and afters to see what you think…

Okay, so this one is embarrassing.  I lose hair when I am stressed.  I wish I lost weight, but no, just hair.  This picture was from January 2018.  Look at that bald spot.  I know most of us have cowlicks that kind of continue our part, but mine was awful.  And from the front, my hairline was so thin.

2018 was a stressful year.  I for sure still lost hair due to that fact.  But it is so much better.  My hair is shinier for sure, and while I don’t have as thick of hair as I would like, it’s much better.

When I started using it a year ago, there was negative press about Monat.  It did scare me a little bit because no one wants their hair to fall out, duh.  And especially because my hair was already so thin.  But I am glad I chose to stick with it and form my own opinion based on my own results.  At the time, I could only speak of other’s success, but I think these pics do a pretty good job.

Monat may not be for everyone because literally nothing is.  I know people who don’t like bacon.  There are so many different combinations of shampoos and conditioners, if you’ve tried one and you weren’t that into it, then maybe there’s one out there that’s better for your hair.

I personally use the Black Shampoo to keep my color vibrant.  My red lasts SO MUCH longer with Monat.  I also use the hydrating shampoos, Renew and Advanced Hydrating.  If I don’t work out, I only have to wash my hair every 3 or 4 days.  That literally never happened before.  I could only go one day without washing or my hair looked greasy and gross.  For conditioners, I like their Leave In, Volumizing, and Advanced Hydrating.

I could go on and on about all the extra fun products, like the Dry Shampoo or Hair Spray, but that could drag on for quite some time.  Monat’s products are paraben and sulfate free.  They are tested on people, not animals, so cruelty free as well.  And they’re even vegan.

Have you tried Monat?  If so, what are your favorite products?

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