“Watching You”

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As the name implies, Watching You is kinda creepy. Not scary, creepy.  Lisa Jewell is a bestselling author, and I predict this will be on the bestseller lists.  A.J. Finn, the author of The Woman in the Window said, “Page one intrigued me.  Page three hooked me.  By page five, I was consumed.  This compulsive, propulsive novel is both a seize-you-by-the-throat thriller and a genuinely moving family drama.”  Amazon has it at a 4 star rating right now.  But I’m going to have to give it only 3 stars.

Watching You is a good book.  I was sucked into the storyline and wanted to finish the book to find out the ending.  That’s why it’s only 3, not higher.  A 4 or 5 star book, I enjoy reading so much and get attached to the characters.  I am kinda sad when those books end.  The characters in Watching You were either creepy, unlikeable, underdeveloped, or not relatable for me.

Joey and Alfie are newlyweds.  Joey stands for Josephine, and since neither of them really have jobs, they live with her brother Jack and his wife Rebecca.  Tom and Nicola live two doors down, with their voyeuristic son Freddie.  For most of the novel, it’s unclear whether Tom is one of the best guys ever or a repeat pedophile.  Yep.  Tom is the headmaster at Jenna and Bess’s school.  Jenna’s mom thinks she’s being “gang stalked.”  Bess has a crush on Tom.  Joey has a crush on Tom.  Oh and there’s also the girl Freddie hard core stalks, Romola.  Kinda a long list of main characters, right?

The book starts with a murder in Tom’s kitchen.  Who did it?  And which member of the family is actually dead?  Watching You is a page turner.  I was not unhappy with the ending, nor did I entirely see the final plot twists coming.  However, if you haven’t read anything by Lisa Jewell before, I would recommend Then She Was Gone, which I personally liked better.

I would love to hear your thoughts on either book, if you’ve read them.  Happy Friday, friends.

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