“The Winter Sister”

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We have had quite the week of snow up here in the PNW! Which for me means lots of fun playing outside and then warming up by the fire with a book. I read two books in a week! Not a record, but kinda impressive for having all three kids home all day, every day. Side note, they eat SO MUCH.

The Winter Sister is one of my February Book of the Month Club picks. I also got The Age of Light. I am excited to start it, after I write this. I cannot start a new book of the same genre, before blogging about the book I just read. I am sure my mom brain would get them confused. I also cannot read two books in a row that are really similar because they will run together in my brain. Like two WWII books in a row, they would become one giant book and I wouldn’t be able to remember which parts came from where. Anyway…

The Winter Sister is Megan Collins’ debut novel. I don’t want to sound bratty, but it’s obvious. The dialogue is terrible. However, I needed to know how the book ended. The main character, Sylvie ends up back in her old house, sixteen years after her sister was murdered. The murder is still unsolved, but Sylvie is certain it was her sister, Persephone’s boyfriend. Spoiler, it’s not that simple.

Megan Collins explores several interesting family dynamics; my favorite of which is perception. I am always amazed at how differently members of the same family can view an event where they were all present. Sylvie and Persephone had very different views of their mother, who also had her own narrative of being a single mother. I was also raised by a single mom and have one sister, so duh that’s why I am most drawn to this theme. That’s also why I know she does a good job writing about it.

Amazon has The Winter Sister at 4 stars. Book of the Month Club readers are fans too, with 44% of readers loving it and 47% liking it. Despite being a bit distracted by the writing, I liked it and gave it 3 stars. And it was kind of fitting to read about a snowy murder during our crazy snow storm.

Off to start The Age of Light! What are you reading?

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