PSA: Girl Scout Cookies Sales

If you have left your house in the last week, you know, it’s Girl Scout cookie season. Little girls are out in front of stores, asking you if you want to buy some cookies. How does that make you feel? Weird question?

I love to people watch. My daughter has sold cookies six times so far, in front of various stores around here. Some people practically run over to the table, super excited to buy the cookies. They only come once a year and people really, really love them. We had one Canadian woman today that came with a long list because Canada doesn’t have the same cookies. Some people like them, but keep their cool and just buy one or two on their way out of the store. And other people, completely ignore the cute, little girl asking, “Do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”

These are the people I want to address, and see if we can’t just get on the same page. Are you afraid to say no? It’s honestly mostly women in this category. Is that because women are by nature “people pleasers” and saying no is hard? It’s just three little words… “No thank you.” No reason is needed. If you feel you need an excuse, there are plenty. “My daughter/ niece/ neighbor is a Girl Scout, and I already bought some.” “I just bought some at another store.” I had someone today say, “I don’t speak English.” None of this is necessary, though. Just “no thank you.” I’ve heard, “oh but it’s just so hard to say no to them.” So is ignoring them nicer?

Several people actually got close to being hit by cars because they were trying so hard to not see the cookies. One woman held a bouquet of flowers up to the side of her face to hide it from view. Those people were funny. The ones that I want to give a stern talking to about how to show respect to other human beings, no matter how big or how small, are the people that actually looked right at Annalee and still just ignored her. To those people, you suck. I can’t say that to you in person. It’s like when you’re at work, and you need to be oh so nice to the customers and they can be absolute crap to you. (Maybe only those of you who have worked in a restaurant will get that.) I had one man tell me how Girl Scout cookies are one of the key contributors to the obesity epidemic. Okay bro, while I smile and nod.

We tell our girls, it doesn’t matter if they get ignored. Just ask everyone who walks out of the store, and that’s the part that matters. You cannot control other people, only your own actions. It’s a bit sad to have to explain rude people. So back to your feelings, how does it feel to be ignored?

Let’s make this last week better. If you see Girl Scouts selling cookies, here’s what to do and not to do:

  • On your way into the store, they will not ask you if you want to buy cookies. Do not tell them “no” on the way in. They will not remember you on your way out. This step will prevent you from being super annoyed and having to both repeat the “no.”
  • You have your whole shopping trip to think about whether you want to buy cookies or not. Get your courage up to not ignore them.
  • You are done and exiting the store. You are on a restricted diet, or don’t like Girl Scout cookies. You can either say, “No thank you,” or you could choose to donate cookies to our country’s troops. Even if you don’t want to donate the whole $5 for a box, and donation will be put towards cookies for the troops.

There is a whole lot to this whole cookie business. You have crazy competitive moms, a cookie police making sure all the rules are followed, and at least here, the freezing cold and wind. These girls have so much fun doing it, though, so for us, it’s worth it. The girls set their goals, and watching them reach those is awesome. That picture up there is Annalee, about to ask someone, “would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” She’s just smiling, working towards her goal of earning some magical sounding Lego prize. She doesn’t bite or do anything scary, promise.

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