“The Age of Light”

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The Age of Light is a historical fiction based on the life of Lee Miller. Lee was a famous model from New York, who moved to Paris to become an artist. She found herself a famous photographer, named Man Ray and became his apprentice. She eventually becomes a field photographer during WWII, and is a long standing writer for Vogue.

The difference between the art scene in Paris during the late 1920’s and early 30’s is jarringly different than the war-torn 40’s. Lee goes from being a model/artist/actress living the life of abundance and luxury, to wearing a uniform and only caring to document the actual suffering and poverty around Europe, even after the war was “over.”

There are certain elements of The Age of Light that I did not like, but those parts, were actually horrible parts of Lee Miller’s real life. I think Whitney Scharer did a really good job at creating this fiction around Lee’s life. I give The Age of Light 3.5 stars. It starts off a bit slow, but it’s worth sticking with it to the end. I got mine in my February Book of the Month Club box. If you haven’t tried BOTM club, I highly recommend it, and you can get your first book for free!

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