My baby Annalee

Facebook memories got me this morning. How cute is this little 6 month old I’m holding?

Annalee sucked her thumb until she was 3 years old. She had a funny little habit of pinching either her own neck or that of the person she’d be cuddling with at the time. She had to really feel comfortable with you to pinch your neck, so it was kinda like a badge of honor. “Look, look, she’s pinching my neck!”

When Annalee turned 3, we decided big girls don’t suck their thumbs and she was ready to be done. It helped to have a younger sister to compare herself with as being the big girl and her sister was the baby still. Her teeth were for sure showing signs of thumb sucking, and the habit was becoming more than just around nap or bedtime. Again, it was just right for us to make a change, but that time is different for every family. Zero judgment on all things being sucked.

We chose to use the nail polish that tastes gross. Painting nails is always fun, so Annalee really didn’t get what was coming. We told her it would taste gross to remind her not to suck her thumb, but she didn’t fully understand until bedtime. Every five minutes or so, you could hear a gross spitting /bleh sort of noise, when she would forget and try to suck her thumb. After a couple weeks, she stopped sucking her thumb.

Enjoy your babies. Ignore other people’s opinions about your parenting. Do you and what’s best for your family. And now I’m going to go cuddle with the 7.5 year old Annalee now.

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